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(University of Cambridge)


米迦勒节学期 2000-2001

  • 中世纪经济-社会史
      《1158-1470,英国通货的数量》 [Martin Allen, The volume of the English currency, 1158-1470]
      《对中世纪晚期英格兰的机智商人的文学与书面的描述》 [James Davis, Literary and clerical representations of pretty traders in late Medieval England]
      《走进14世纪早期的乡村信贷》 [Phillipp Schofiel, Access to credit in the early fourteenth-century Countryside]
      《1370-1470,诺威治的遗嘱与立遗嘱人》 [Karin Daureille, Wills and will-makers in Norwich 1370-1470]
  • 现代经济-社会史
      《1851年的大博览会:19世纪中期英国经济的量化描述》 [Pro. Charles Feinstein, The Great Exhibition of 1851: a quantitative picture of the UK economy at mid-century.]
      《1914年以前的银行与工业的关系》 [Pro. MichealCollins(University of Leeds, Bank-industry relations in England before 1914.)
      《1945-65,英国消费者特权与消费者保护》 (Chris Beachamp, Consumer sovereignty and consumer protection in Britain, 1945-65.)
      《1780-1850,英国市民的数学思维能力》 (Sally Brerly, Civic numeracy in Britain, 1780-1850.)
      《世界经济秩序与合作新景象:一战后英国的国际主义》 (Dr Frank Trentmann, New Visions of World Economic Order and Co-ordination: Internationalism in Britain after World War I.)
  • 早期现代经济-社会史
      《早期现代英国的财富,债务与生命周期》 [Pro. Mark Overton(University of Exeter), Wealth, indebtedness and the life-cycle in early modern England.]
      《瓦特·莫尔和新纺织业:为早期斯图亚特英格兰的闲荡穷人创造工作职位》 [Dr Michael Zell(University of Greenwich), Walter Morrell and the New Draperies: Making work for the Idle Poor in early Stuart England.]
      《18世纪良知法庭的法律改革与信用》 [Dr Margot Finn(University of Warwick), Credit and the Reformation of the Law in the eighteenth-century Court of Conscience.]
      《英格兰都铎王朝时期的修道院慈善布施: 16世纪早期贫困救济的量化与质化》 [Neil Rushton(Trinity College, Cambridge), Monastic charitable provision in Tudor England: Quantifying and qualifying poor relief in the early sixteenth century.]
  • 经济-社会史研究生讨论会(Economic and Social History Workshop)  
        《19世纪永久性和暂时性迁徙到桑德瓦尔的妇女的家庭环境》 [Richard Wall, The family circumstances of women migrating permanently and temporarily to Sundsvall (North Sweden) in the nineteenth century]
        《重新思考19世纪的已婚妇女的法律身份》 [Ben Griffin(St. John's College), Rethinking coverture in the nineteenth century]
        《发展中的灾难吗?早期现代沃尔特堡公共权利的争议》 [Paul Warde(Fitzwilliam College), Tragedies in the making? Disputes over common rights in early modern Württemberg.]
        《英格兰都铎时期普林大学修道院的慈善救济:得自1535年的Valor Ecclesiastcus的量化证据》 [Neil Rushton(Trinity College and Wendy Sigle-Rushton), Princeton University Monastic charitable provision in Tudor England: quantifying the evidence from the Valor Ecclesiasticus, 1535]
        《一个19世纪加泰罗尼亚纺织城镇的移民模式》 [Julie Marfany(King's College), Migration patterns in a nineteenth-century Catalan textile town]
        《佐治亚殖民地的家庭生活》 [Ben Marsh(Downing College), Family life in colonial Georgia]
大斋节学期 2000-2001
  • 现代经济-社会史
      《政治经济与关于20世纪战争的英国思维方式》 [David Edgerton(Imperial College, London), Political economy and the British way of thinking about war in the twentieth century]
      《沙皇俄国的唱片音乐:俄国的留声机公司,1899-1917》 [PeterMartarland(Clare College, Cambridge), Canned music in Tsarist Russia: the Russian Gramophone Co.1899-1917]
      《智力游戏:财政部与养老金内阁,1917-30》 [Helen Bettoson (University of East Anglia), A game of wits: the Treasury and the Ministry of Pensions, 1917-30]
      《现代性的度量:为批量与专门化生产的历史设计一种量化方法,1930—60》 [Adam Tooze (Jesus College) and Christiano Ristuccia (Wolfson College), Measures of modernity : devising a quantitative approach to the history of mass and speciality production, 1930-60]
  • 早期现代经济-社会史
      《17世纪早期切斯特宗教门第的选拔与任命》 [Dr Catherine Frances(Clare Hall), The selection and appointment of spiritual kin in early seventeenth century Chester]
      《伦敦弃儿医院的儿童来源的反思》 [Alysa Levene(Emmanuel College), The origins of the children of the London Foundling Hospital, reconsidered]
      《英国的城市与历史学家》 [Pro. Peter Clark(University of Leicester), The British City and the Historian]
      《早期现代英国的男性,父权与暴力》 [Dr Alex Shepard(University of Sussex), Masculinity, patriarchy and violence in early modern England]
  • 中世纪经济-社会史
      《英国的庄园农业,1250-1450》 [Pro. Bruce Campbell(University of Belfast), English Seignorial agriculture, 1250-1450]
      《中世纪晚期英格兰的婚姻经济学:女继承人的婚姻》 (Dr Simon Paylaying, The economics of marriage in late medieval England: The marriage of heiresses)
      《财务署的消费者账目(1377-1470)》 [Stuart Jenks, The accounting of the Customers at the Exchequer, (1377-1470)]
      《早期拜占廷农民反思》 [Dr Peter Sarros(Trinity College), The early Byzantine peasantry reconsidered]
  • 经济-社会史讨论会
      《逝去的机会主义?英国农业的投资担保,1750-1850》 [David Stead(Nuffield College, Oxford), Missed opportunism? Investment security in English agriculture, 1750 – 1850]
      《理解黑市的道德性:英国1939-54》 [Mark Roodhouse(Trinity College), Understanding the morality of the black market: Britain 1939-54]
      《早期现代日本城镇的社会等级的观念与居民群体》 [Dr Koichi Watanabe(Darwin College), Residents groups and the perception of social rank in early modern Japanese towns]
      《早期现代英国的肉类消费》 [Dr Craig Muldrew(Queens College), The consumption of meat in early modern England]
      《议会圈地与小土地持有者的衰落:再观土地税的证据》 [Drleighaw-Taylor(Jesus College), Parliamentary enclosure and the decline of the small landholder: The land-tax evidence revisited]

复活节学期 2000—2001

  • 中世纪经济-社会史研讨会
      《农业资本主义的发展:诺福克的土地与劳动》 (Jane Whittle, The development of agrarian capitalism: land and labour in Norfolk, 1440-1580)
      《中世纪晚期的修道院慈善布施:威斯敏斯特修道院近观》 (Neil Rushton, Monastic charitable provision in the later middle ages: a closer look at Westminster Abbey)
  • 经济-社会史研讨会
      《神话、思考与现实:对三圃制的重新思考》 [Paul Warde(Fitzwilliam College), Myths, speculations and realities: the three fields system reconsidered]
      《中世纪晚期英格兰的农民、争议和诉讼》 [Chris Briggs(Trinity College), Peasants, disputes and the uses of litigation in late medieval England]
      《历史事件的人类生物结果》 [John McCullough(Department of Biological Anthropology), Human biological consequences of historical events: Plymouth plantation as a founding population]






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